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Growing our health and wealth for a better tomorrow

Regenerate Earth was established in 2000 and emerged out of Healthy Soils Australia. Our core team has been guiding and supporting leaders to find innovative ways, particularly across Australia, to increase the amount of land being transitioned to regenerative agriculture management.


It is our goal to provide soil-related solutions, to inspire and support a more regenerative agriculture community and, through our wide networks, make these practices accessible and available to all, both in Australia and throughout the world.


More and more people have become aware of the power of regenerative practices to restore health to our climate, our communities and ourselves. Education is required to help those who have just started out on this path, as well as those who have been on board with these practices for some time. They have become our friends, as well as our partners.


Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem solvers who can bring different perspectives to a problem as well as progressive ideas and bold actions, and who are willing to take risks. This is the power of our core team of hand-picked specialists and the reason we have been established upon a strong foundation of knowledge and support. 


Regenerate Earth works with graziers, farmers, scientists, advocates, business and local, state and federal government on industry strategies, government policies and community initiatives. We invite you to join our group, and our conversation, for the health and wealth of the people of this planet and thereby a better tomorrow for all.


The Regenerate Earth team are farmers, graziers, scientists, foresters, filmmakers and environmentalists. They are people passionately connected to the earth through acts and ideals. They are also lovers of food, family, and community.

Walter Jehne is an internationally recognised climate scientist, soil microbiologist and innovation strategist. He has immense field and research experience in forests, grasslands, agriculture and soils at national (CSIRO) and international (UN) levels. In addition to his science career Walter has worked broadly with the Federal government, leading transformation in industry. This diversity of experience has given Walter a unique and exceptional capacity to devise solutions to problems and to turn challenges into opportunities. He has a remarkable ability to explain complex science in easy to understand ways. Walter’s primary scientific focus is soil biology. Recently he was part of an invitation only UN FAO conference in Paris looking at including soil science into the next IPCC report.



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