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Regenerate Earth's friends come from many walks of life. Some have steered their careers to commit their expertise and valuable time to the health and well being of the earth and its inhabitants, while others have dedicated their lives, knowledge and learning to the agricultural industries, seeking better methods and natural ways to produce healthier foods to feed their families and wider communities. Through their own acts and ideals, they contribute immensely and we are grateful for their ongoing vitality, their commitment and their support.


Peter Leppert

Peter worked for 32 years with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) researching dryland and irrigation induced salinity, native and softwood forestry, forest soils and hydrology and bushfires. He was born in the snowy mountains and has a spiritual connection to this region. He has been a keen observer and active participant in Kosciuszko National Park management, principally in the restoration of its cultural heritage.


His major focus with Regenerate Earth is in enhancing soil ecology to enable the restoration of landscape hydrology.

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