Phill is a leading professional with Healthy Soils Australia based in SW WA, with extensive practical experience in cropping and horticultural systems and the analysis, diagnosis and design of effective responses to on the ground limiting factors impacting farming. Phill has leading global expertise in soil microbial ecology, disease management, bio-fertility and the regeneration of degraded at risk soils and agroecosystems.

With HSA, Phill is pioneering innovative microbial technologies to understand and manage the natural ecology of soils and help farmers avoid and overcome productivity impediments and enhance the nutritional integrity and premium health value of their products. This understanding is being applied to help redesign and revitalise key agricultural sectors and regions in SW WA to enhance their viability, resilience, lower input needs and respond to climate extremes. And develop new business and market models. This understanding is essential to secure water and food need in the 21st century.



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