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Growing soils communities

and futures

via nature's key processes;

sunshine, CO2, microbial ecologies and photosynthesis








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We study biological systems, and particularly the genetic potential of plants, nutrients and other natural processes that can lead to actively increasing agricultural productivity. This minimal input farming is without the need for fertilisers and chemical controls. The aim is to enhance the performance of crops and thereby lead to greater outputs of food, fodder and fibre. These natural and safe methods will result in rebuilding the health of all farming systems worldwide.

The original creation of soil (the process of pedogenesis) provided microbial processes that ensured productive and fertile soils. Conventional farming methods over time have depleted the nutrient levels in soil. The task is to rejuvenate soil health by minimising the loss of topsoil, making soil carbon-rich and more bioactive, boosting soil biology and maintaining the proper water holding capacity to ensure efficient nutrient cycling. Reinvigorating dryland soils is a major part of our work.

The extreme conditions of a changing climate that is resulting in flooding or declining rainfall and prolonged droughts worldwide has given rise to dangerous hydrological extremes that are disruptive of all biosystems and threaten the future for all humans. We examine the global water cycle and provide informed advice into reinvigorating surface water and groundwater processes, water resources and water chemistry. The aim is for adequate water and nutrients as key components of the environment


We are passionate about communicating widely to provide advice on rebuilding naturally resilient biosystems within a changing climate. Vegetation sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, which ultimately leads to the mitigation of global warming and landscape cooling. In addition, bacteria and fungi work to break down plants and build a soil sponge that increases water availability for plants, animals and humans. It is still possible for the earth’s land surface to be regenerated and rehydrated.

Everything on earth and in our solar system is based on 96 natural elements. Of these, 30 mineral nutrients, via natural microbial processes, are obtained from healthy soils. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides have increased in agriculture. In parallel is a marked increase in a number of human diseases. Our mission is to help reverse our current health crisis by restoring the integrity of our food. Healthy people need healthy food from healthy soils.

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